University Clubs – incubators for active students

Most of us will begin a new learning journey in universities and colleges after graduating from high school. This place not only provides a wealth of essential knowledge for pursuing aspirations, but it is also a place to experience student life, strengthen soft skills, apply theory into practice, and so on, with various active clubs.

If you are or will be a student, you should not overlook the dynamic atmosphere at your place of study, because joining the club will provide you with many unexpected benefits!

  1. Improve yourself

When you join the club, you will have numerous chances to discover more about yourself, improving your skills and shortcomings as you progress. Especially if you join a group that matches your aptitude, you will be able to demonstrate your talent and gain confidence.

According to Pham Thi Trang, a member of the Ba Ria – Vung Tau University (BVU) Music Club: “Since joining the club, I not only have the opportunity to show my singing talent, but also have become much more active than before thanks to regularly participating in volunteer activities organized by the University.”

  1. Improve soft skills

This is one of the abilities that is crucial in today’s culture but is not taught in school. Thus joining groups is the fastest method to learn these abilities. You will study time management, collaboration, presenting abilities, and so on. Furthermore, these are also how to interact with individuals, large and small businesses. Later on, you will gradually develop knowledge, dexterity, and adaptability in all scenarios.

Minh Quan, Vice Chairman of the BVU Communication – Admissions Club, feels that each person’s youth has to encounter and rub up against life in order to be able to put what they have learnt in practice. This can help you solve numerous challenges later in life and at work. This is why you join the club from the first day you arrive at campus.

  1. Expand the relations

Nowhere can we make more friends, brothers and sisters with comparable interests than in clubs. Not only will these individuals assist you in recreational activities, but they will also greatly assist you in your education and future employment.

  1. Increase your chances of getting a job

It is hardly unexpected that companies are interested in the extracurricular activities of recent graduates. If you belong to a specific club, you will undoubtedly make a good impression on these individuals because you have numerous soft skills as well as dynamism, dedication, inquisitiveness, and so on.

  1. Youth adding meaning

Joining clubs provides many more great moments for everyone of us during our active youth years, in addition to the benefits outlined above. Voluntary excursions or endless evenings preparing for events,… will provide everyone with a memorable recollection when they leave the lecture classroom.

According to Duy Khang, Secretary of the Executive Board of Sauya BVU Club, despite the fact that you have only been here for two years, you will not only learn a lot of essential things, but you will also have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities, your ingenuity – something you’ve never encountered before.

With the goal of training students to study in an educational environment closely linked with businesses; graduate from school with aspirations to create and start a business; confidently participating in the domestic labor market and international integration, Ba Ria – Vung Tau University has made strategic connections with more than 350 enterprises across the country to create opportunities for students to practice and work. To assist students tackle the rising demands of the job market with confidence, BVU established a system of more than 30 organizations and groups in which students could engage, express, and nurture their abilities and bravery. me. According to yearly data, almost 95% of BVU students acquire a job soon after graduation, demonstrating a high degree of satisfaction with employer criteria.

Information box

At BVU: fixed tuition fees and assistance in paying tuition fees at 0% interest rate (admit first, pay later).

In 2021, BVU has many admissions methods.

– Evaluating high school transcripts: Obtain application documentation from >=18 points.

– Based on the results of the high school graduating exam: Obtain the entrance application from more than 15 points

– Taking into account the outcomes of the National University HCMC Competence Assessment exam in 2021: Obtain application documents from >= 650 points

– Direct admission: in accordance with Ministry of Education and Training regulations.

Pharmacology: Admissions assessment score of >= 24 and outstanding grade 12 or high school graduation score of 8.0 or above.

Nursing: Admission assessment score of  >= 19.5 and a grade 12 grade of excellent or better, or a high school graduation score of 6.5 or higher.

According to the Admission Regulations 2021, the admission score is the overall score of subjects based on the selection combination or the total average score plus the priority points.

Apply for admission at:

BVU primarily uses an online application and admissions form for the entire application and admissions process. Applicants can complete the process securely, fast, and simply at home.

Contact information: 1900633069; zalo 0359946868.

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