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Cựu sinh viên ngành Điện - Điện tử khóa 2007

Nguyen Hoang Than, a 2007 BVU Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology alumnus, is the Managing Director of MES7 Mechanical Trading Service Co., Ltd. (Vung Tau City).

I’ve currently been in business. Nonetheless, the knowledge I gained at university is greatly useful to my business. My company’s business is technical equipment, thus I won’t be able to guarantee high job quality if I don’t have knowledge from university auditoriums.

After graduation from BVU, I worked in a variety of settings to gain knowledge and experience for myself. I acquired a lot from those positions, especially from my colleagues, based on the knowledge I gained at BVU and practical experience.

Fortunately for me, throughout my studies at BVU, I was able to study with my friends in Information Technology and English studies, and they helped me build the drive to equip myself with foreign languages and information technology. Such expertise has been extremely beneficial to me in my job at the company, especially as the majority of the Company’s partners are international corporations.

Similar to numerous fresh graduates, I was astonished with my new job when I first graduated. I struggled to keep up with work as well, but soon realized, “If you want to know, you must ask – If you want to be good, you must study.” Don’t be nervous to express yourself and ask for guidance from friends and colleagues, as learning and practice will go together, and a lot of experience will be acquired.

I’ve put in a lot of effort to be able to operate my own business. On that journey, I encountered many obstacles and hardships, but I am grateful for the months I spent studying at BVU, not only for the knowledge, but also for the lecturers who encouraged and supported me greatly, which is why, after each failure, I firmly stand up and keep moving forward.

“The path to glory is not formed with flowers,” students, so accept instability, challenges, and failures, but if you have knowledge, experience, and determination, you will always succeed. Nguyen Hoang Than, a BVU alumnus, has sent a message to BVUer!

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