Young Securities Club – Experience to stimulate thinking

Interaction with Rong Viet Securities Corporation on a regular basis to enhance knowledge and gain experience.

Through club events such as: organized regular activities under the leadership of Rong Viet Securities Company and the Club’s Board of Directors, Young Securities creates an environment for students to learn economic knowledge, practice soft skills in many areas such as communication skills, presentation skills, and event organization. Students have a chance to go to stock exchanges. With the goal of becoming an academic club that provides several benefits to students, as well as the aim to influence and disseminate broadly. Apart from everyday learning activities in the lecture hall, connect and build an atmosphere for optimal personal growth for members. With the same attitude of believing in yourself and achieving your goals.

CLB hoạt động vì lợi ích của sinh viên trên nguyên tắc thân thiện, nhiệt huyết và yêu kiến thức. Qua đó giúp các thành viên nâng tầm hiểu biết và phát triển bản thân. Hiện tại, BYSC trực thuộc Khoa Kinh Doanh- Quản lý- Luật.

The club functions for the benefit of students on the basis of compassion, passion, and a desire of knowledge. As a result, members’ comprehension and progress can be improved.

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