BVU Music Club – Where passion shines!

On December 15, 2022, the BVU Music Club successfully held a Casting session for 2022 members. Casting took place in a joyful setting, with a lot of emotions and performances that they all joined together in the musical “party.”

Members of the BVU Music Club, as well as potential members, had the opportunity to communicate in rhythm with one another through the language of music with spirits enthusiastic about art during the casting session.

Students came at the Casting session carrying “fire” of passion and unique personalities that infuse life into each participating act, promising a journey of numerous imprints and memories while studying at BVU.

Most importantly, it was the audience’s enthusiastic cheers for the people participating in the casting that added great energy for everyone to have the opportunity to shine on stage.

The contribution of the Media Club along with the Volunteer Club to ensure the BVU Music Club to have wonderful moments in this casting needs to be stated; And now, let’s share those moments.

BVU Music Club members and others joining Casting


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