BVU Volunteer Club organizes Team building for members

Team building – Connecting with the 2022 new members. The volunteers’ young enthusiasm heads towards the beautiful and pristine Thuy Tien beach in the hot December weather of Vung Tau beach.

This is a welcoming activity for new members of the BVU Volunteer Family. The organizers believe that by arranging this activity, they would be able to provide additional opportunities for members to engage with one another, exercise together through exciting activities, and share plenty of laughs and memories throughout their youth journey❤️

More than 50 members are separated into five groups to engage in the following games: Who jumps the most figs, Bag jumping, Who is the longest, Pass the ring, Capture the flag, Treasure hunt, Tower people, and Hold breath to acquire water. The activities’ concept is founded on a spirit of group collaboration, which is clearly conveyed through the activities. The major contests are the compilation and reconnection of the BVU Volunteer Club’s spirit. This is a wonderful and fascinating experience that new members joining the program, as well as those who take part in it, will never forget. Let’s take a look back at some of the most stunning parts of the day.☺️


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