An wonderful chance for students studying in Korean Studies to travel to the homeland of kimchi.


Ba Ria – Vung Tau University has signed various exchange programs and academic exchanges with Korean universities such as Busan University of Foreign Studies, Dongshin University, and others in order to enhance exchange possibilities and experiences for students.

BVU students have currently participated in a range of one-year student exchange programs at Busan University of Foreign Studies. In Korea, a year is a meaningful period of experience and learning. Students can improve their Korean communication skills and practical techniques in Korea that will be useful in the future working environment in Korean companies.

The majority of the students who returned home were delighted, and several of them expressed a desire to return to Korea after graduation to pursue graduate studies.

“I appreciate the university for providing conditions for me to study at Busan University of Foreign Languages,” Tieu Phung – DH19HQ stated. “I’ve had some unique encounters both at this university and in Korea. In addition to being better at studying, I was able to get to know my classmates here, and we had a lot of fun studying together. Aside from studying the language, I also went on tours to learn about Korean culture. After a year, I believe I have matured and gained many valuable things from this experience.”

“One year of studying and experiencing at Busan University of Foreign Languages allows me enhance my language abilities, experience culture, develop myself, and engage with foreign friends,” Phuong Uyen – DH19HQ said. “I learnt how to take care of myself in especially when I traveled to a foreign country and, in addition to studying, I had time to explore many locations and learn many new things.”

Although a year is not long, it could be a memorable moment in your student life. Dear Korean language students! Let’s study hard and have fun together!


Ngo Nguyen Phuong Uyen – DH19HQ

Duong Tieu Phung – DH19HQ

MA. Nguyen Thi Nga

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