Van Tu – Alumnus of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology major

Why did I decide to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology at BVU?

The petroleum and natural gas industry in Vung Tau was, in my perspective, highly developed at the time. Choosing a university in Vung Tau city can help me have more chances to work in the industrial environment.

What makes this discipline difficult?

The challenge with Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology is that the further you get into professional knowledge, the more “uncertain” feelings develop, and you must study again and again to comprehend the core of the issue.

How did I get into this firm?

  • The first step is to have a solid understanding of the background information.
  • Exercise your analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Establish a very clear and thorough objective and commit to it every day (for example, you may set the following goals: After semester 2, your TOEIC score should be 550 points. The goal of studying Circuit 2, I have to achieve a final score of 8.5)
  • To apply the learned knowledge to real work, it is vital to approach genuine work linked to the subject being studied as early and as often as feasible.


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