Quick updates on the BVU men’s – women’s mixed football match on March 17, 2023

In the evening of March 16, 2023, two team phase matches of the BVU men’s-women’s mixed match were played:
Tourism-Wellness 1 VS Marine Economics-Logistics 2; Foreign Languages-Social Science 2 VS Economics-Law 1


First match between Tourism-Wellness 1 and Marine Economics-Logistics 2

On March 16, a match between the Tourism – Wellness 1 team and the Marine Economics-Logistics 2 team ended in a 0: 0 tie in the first half.  Nevertheless, in the second half, the Marine Economics-Logistics 2 team played exceptionally well, scoring two goals in a row to win the match.
Hoang Tuan swiftly headed to the Tourism-Wellness 1 team’s goal in the 39th minute to open the scoring for the Marine Economics-Logistics 2 team. Up to 1 minute later, Van Them scored, extending the team’s lead.

Following that, the Marine Economics-Logistics 2 team maintained control of the game and effectively protected their 2-0 lead. This is a significant victory that will assist the Marine Economics-Logistics 2 team improve the rankings.
The Marine Economics-Logistics 2 team won the match with a final score of 2:0.

Second match between Foreign Languages-Social Science 2 and Economics-Law 1

After 40 minutes of the match, the score line was 3:3. In particular, the first half ended with a score of 1:2 in favor of the Economics-Law 1 team, while the second half ended with a score of 2:1 in favor of the Foreign Languages-Social Science 2 team.

The Economics-Law 1 team took the lead in the first half, thanks to goals from Thu Hien in the first minute and Thanh Danh after 13 minutes. Nevertheless, the Foreign Languages -Social Science 2 team regained the lead in the 17th minute with a goal scored by Van Duc.

The Foreign Languages-Social Science 2 team performed better in the second half, putting constant pressure on the Economics-Law 1 team’s goal. Van Duc became the team’s hero after hitting a double in the 23rd and 40th minutes. Meanwhile, Minh Chien scored in the 34th minute for the Economics-Law 1 team.

As the result, the match ended with a 3:3 tie.

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