Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai, a standard and outstanding BVU student

In the evening of December 25 at the Hanoi Opera House, the Golden Board of Honor for outstanding students who have studied and followed Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style in 2020 nationally honored student Nguyen Thi Ngoc Mai (4th year, specialization in Petrochemical Technology, Faculty of Technical Technology – High-Tech Agriculture, BVU).

⭐️ Ngoc Mai has performed her best efforts in studying, engaging in Youth Union activities, and obtaining many remarkable achievements in order to be listed in the list of 130 typical students who have learned and followed Ho Chi Minh’s philosophy, morals, and style in 2020. Those include Certificate of Merit from BVU for high achievements in learning and community activities from 2018, 2019, 2020; Certificate of Merit from the Student Union of BRVT province “Having excellent achievements in the work of the Association and the student movement” in the academic year 2019-2020; Certificate of Merit from BVU Student Union for active activities in movement activities in 2018, 2019; Certificate of Merit from BVU for high achievement in learning and community activities in the academic year 2019-2020; the 3rd 2020 Student Leadership Award.

⭐️ Ngoc Mai is the only student delegate from the Vung Tau coastal city to obtain an Honorary Certificate of Merit. As one of 130 excellent students, she is a positive factor in the following activities namely participating actively in and achieving excellent results in competitions to learn about the Party and Uncle Ho; having good academic ability; having a noble attitude and behavior in terms of moral qualities, demonstrating solidarity, compassion, courage, honesty, appreciate for the homeland and country; ensuring security, social order, and environmental protection.

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