Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu, Dean of the Faculty of Marine Economics – Logistics BVU received a certificate of merit from the Minister of Industry and Trade

Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu is a leading specialist and a significant contribution to Vietnam’s logistics sector. In 2012, Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu, as Director of the Vietnam Logistics Research and Development Institute (VLI), was invited by the People’s Committee of Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province (BR-VT) to participate in the development of Logistics development projects. of the province, presiding over the development of the project “Developing human resources for logistics services in BR-VT province up to 2020” and “Project on the overall development planning of logistics industry in BR-VT province in the period 2014-2020 with orientation to 2030”, and at the same time joined the research team to survey the logistics of European and Asian countries with developed logistics such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Japan, etc.

Logistics BVUDr. Mai Xuan Thieu

Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu formerly served as General Director of Joint Ventures between Vietnam (VIETRANS/VOSA) and the United States (SSA), Ukaine (BLASCO) in the field of shipping (exploiting commerce, seaports, ships, and logistics). Over his 20 years as General Director, he has established commercial relationships with various shipping lines, seaports, and logistics firms across the world. Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu chose to accept an offer from the Board of Directors of Ba Ria – Vung Tau University to return to Vietnam in 2017 to work and promote the logistics industry at BVU after understanding the potential for logistics development in the South region, particularly in BR-VT.

Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu and his colleagues established an initiative to expand the logistics sector and supply chain management after becoming BVU members in 2017. With the establishment of a multi-disciplinary university, and with reference to Logistics training programs from universities in the world’s leading Logistics development countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Japan, Australia, and Singapore, BVU has been granted permission by the Ministry of Education and Training to open the Logistics and Supply Chain Management major at the university level, making it one of the first universities in Vietnam to take this step.

Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu has presided over the growth of the logistics sector and exceptional supply chain management for about 5 years at BVU, experiencing various professional positions, and the number of students is expanding day by day. And around 100% of graduates get employment immediately.

Logistics BVU

Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu’s Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Industry and Trade

BVU established a new Faculty of Marine Economics – Logistics to advance the university’s key disciplines, making an important contribution to the supply of goods and services, high-quality human resources for the Southern Key Economic Zone and the entire country, in order to meet the increasing demand for learning and promote its strengths in training and research. The Faculty provides training courses in the following disciplines: logistics and supply chain management; port management organization – import-export – international freight forwarding; economy, organization, and management of sea transportation; technology – digitization in logistics. BVU is the first university in the country to establish this faculty.

After many years of operation and research in the field of logistics, Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu and his colleagues established the Vietnam Logistics Human Resources Development Association to further develop human resources in this industry to meet the requirements of international economic integration. After nearly 2 years of planning and procedures with the authorities, the Minister of Home Affairs issued a Decision on April 30, 2021, to establish the Vietnam Logistics Human Resources Development Association, with nearly 300 members coming to Vietnam from universities, colleges, research institutes, companies, and logistics experts. Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu was elected President of the Vietnam Logistics Human Resources Development Association for the year 2021-2024 at the first congress.

Logistics BVU

BVU students participating in the Final Round of Vietnam Logistics Young Talent Contest 2020

Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu was granted a certificate of recognition by the Minister of Industry and Trade in December 2021 for his remarkable contributions to the growth of the Logistics sector in Vietnam between 2020 and 2021 for his efforts and devotion to the Logistics industry.

Ba Ria – Vung Tau University would like to thank Dr. Mai Xuan Thieu for his active and effective contribution in building and developing Logistics and supply chain management at BVU in recent years, which has served as a foundation for the Faculty of Marine Economics – Logistics to accelerate its outstanding development in the near future.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management at BVU includes four majors: Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Port management organization – Import-Export – International freight forwarding; Economics, organization, and management of sea transportation; and Technology – Digitization in Logistics.

Approve admission applications with academic records of 18 points or above based on the following selection combinations:

A00: Maths – Physics – Chemistry

C00: Literature – History – Geography

C20: Literature – Geography – Civic Education

D01: Literature – Maths – English

Further information: https://tuyensinh.bvu.edu.vn

Hotline: 1900.633.069 Zalo: 035.994.68.68

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