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3 Vietnamese students create exceptionally effective portable isolation hats and won world-renowned honors

The Vinhelm hat helped three students in receiving the World Intellectual Property Organization’s designation of Intellectual Property Ambassador. 2021 is expected to be memorable year for more than 24 million...

Bio-coating is a bacteria-containing innovation that has the potential to improve wastewater treatment

It might sound unusual, but it is the subject of a recent study published in the American Chemical Society journal Biomacromolecules. Advances in a new form of bio-coating incorporating bacteria...

A new research has produced bioactive glasses that destroy germs 100 times more effectively

A team of researchers modified the composition to generate a bioactive glass that is astonishingly successful at eliminating disease-causing germs. Antibacterial materials, such as bioactive glass, are being used in...

The first plastic cell was successfully fabricated

Radboud University’s Department of Molecular Materials has fabricated the first plastic eukaryotic cell based on the structure of a water droplet. This is the first artificial cell capable of carrying...

Retinal cells are be successfully regenerated

American scientists have successfully regenerated retinal cells in mammals. Mice tests might open up possibilities for novel treatments for human eye diseases. Müller glia cells in the retina. Picture: