Chemical Technology Faculty, School of Maritime Economics & Technology, focuses on promoting cooperation with businesses, universities and academies.

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Ngày đăng: 19/09/2017

Following the motto: "Study goes as a pair with practice"- one of training motto of training institutions at all levels, the mission of Ba Ria - Vung Tau University is to contribute for the country's economic, social development and international integration through the training of high quality human resources on the basis of strategic connection between universities and enterprises, training, production and services, the connecting of training on the auditorium with internship programs. In the process of renovating the curriculum and teaching methods, practical activity is concerned because it is tied to the performance of the occupational skills of graduated students. It can be clearly seen that the practical activity has a lot of meaning with students, including the internship, graduation for students:

Internship helps students improve in all aspects of the training process such as: reinforcing knowledge, practicing communication skills, teamwork skills, negotiating skills, work ability, management, acquainted with labor discipline, and working environment…. It also helps students access to careers, will be confident in finding jobs, determine the suitable jobs, recognize the strengths and weaknesses of yourself. At the same time, through internships, students can establish a career relationship and create connection between university and business.

Having grasped the importance for many years, with the role of pioneer in the connection between university and business, Chemical Technology Faculty, School of Maritime Economics & Technology has been actively involved with enterprises in and outside the province such as Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant, Phu My Fertilizer Plant, Ca Mau Dam, Oil Joint Venture. Vietsopetro Gas, Sai Gon Paper Company, Vinh Long Brewery Factory, Dong Xuyen wastewater treatment plant ... to contact the internship site for students.

Students are directly involved in directing production process and work directly with technical staff of factories and enterprises. From that, students learn more about their field of study, their positions, and their knowledge from theory to practice. After internship time, the companies highly appreciated the sense and responsibility of the students. In particular, the professional major knowledge students gaining after the internship significantly increased. Moreover, students also have the opportunity to be employed in companies after graduation.

Le Ngoc Linh-student of DH14HD, Chemical Technology Faculty said that: "After nearly one month internship at Phu My Fertilizer Plant, I have found out  the 3 most necessary things for me in particular and all students in general below:

Firstly, internship has helped me learn more practical knowledge of the factory's production processes by observing the practical facts.

Secondly, internship has helped us to improve soft skills such as communication, attitude, work style, give confidence in communication as well as in writing reports from factory workers.

Thirdly, internship time has changed my attitude, thinking, and lifestyle as being late and working without rules was completely overcome.

Finally, I also sincerely thanks the lecturers and BVU for providing us with a meaningful and rewarding internship. "

Dao Cong Di, student of Chemical Technology said: "In the student life, I make sure that everyone wants at least one time experienced working in the major that they are studying. And I am a student coming in senior year, with 3 years of learning in petrochemical field, at the end of junior years, with the support of BVU and the leaders of School of Maritime Economics & Technology, I was introduced to intern in my major. On one-month training trip at the factory, the internship gave me the feeling of being an amateur engineer, because I here have been trained by engineers who have professional knowledge. Since then, I have gained more practical knowledge and professional knowledge as well as learned how to work in a professional environment. And finally, I sincerely thanks the lecturers in Chemical Technology Faculty for their dedication in teaching specialized knowledge for us.

Chemical Technology Faculty is working with leaders of Ca Mau Fertilizer Plant  

Students of Chemical Technology faculty internship at Phu My Fertilizer Plant, Ba Ria Thermal Power Plant

Students of Chemical Technology faculty internship at Dong Xuyen wastewater treatment plant, Kien Giang cement plant

Technical students with a relatively high grade point average (usually 7.0 or above) will be selected for doing thesis graduation. During the project implementation period, usually about 6 months, they will learn how to carry out a research project. Doing the project is the combination of all skills, knowledge that they have gained during the 4-years course. It is very valuable for graduated students, as well as for job interviews. Therefore, the chemical technology faculty has carried out cooperation with prestigious scientific research units such as University of Natural Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City, National University; Hi-Tech Center, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. Students will have chance to use modern facilities such as Chromatography, mass spectrometry, multifunction electrode, ... This has a huge impact on student's job application process since they are considered to be experienced in using modern equipment in these companies, where university is not currently equipped. Some excellent students who are well-performed in making the project has been employed by signing working contract after completing project, for instance, Nguyen Cong Danh- student of DH13HD class has been retained working at Hi-Tech Center of Ho Chi Minh City.

It can be said that the cooperation between businesses and universities to increase the practical knowledge for students is very interested in by lecturers of chemical technology faculty, and this is also the strategy of faculty with the motto study goes as a pair with practice.

Nguyen Quang Thai, Vu Thi Hong Phuong

Chemical Technology Faculty

School of Maritime Economics & Technology