Internship program and recruitment official employees working in Japan between BVU and Daiwa Resort Company

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Ngày đăng: 12/09/2019

On the morning of September 6, 2019, the Board of Directors of Ba Ria-Vung Tau University had a meeting to discuss with the leaders of Daiwa Resort and Lam Ha Company. In the cooperation between University and Daiwa Resort on sending students to participate in the internship program at Daiwa's Hotel System, from February 2019 to now, Daiwa Resort has received 2 groups student internship for a total of 34 students.

In order to continue connecting and developing the long-term, more comprehensive relationship between Ba Ria-Vung Tau University and the company in the near future. Today is the official meeting day, announcing 08 students have completed internships at the company, then interviewing 35 students nominated by university to participate in the internship program in April 2020.

And a highlight of this program shows the more comprehensive intimate relationship in cooperation between BVU and Daiwa Resort, is that interviewing 3 final year students and former students of BVU in the official recruitment program long term working at Daiwa Resort.

Prof. Dr Nguyen Loc – President of Ba Ria-Vung Tau University, said that this would be a good form of cooperation, the detailed internship report of students that Daiwa sent to the university, reflecting the strengths and weaknesses of students will be the basis for university to review, evaluate the quality of training and thereby adjust and improve the appropriate training program. Moreover, BRVT University is one of universities that have been granted a recent accreditation certificate by the Ministry of Education and Training. In addition, in the future BR-VT University will have a new campus built on an area of nearly 9 hectares near the coast of Vung Tau with a budget of VND 1,000 billion with modern equipped, committed to promoting the training, especially the tourism and Japanese language major.

Prof.Dr.Nguyen Loc have a opening speech in the coopration program between BRVT University and Daiwa Resoty Company.

Mr. Fujita Koji - Representative of Daiwa Resort Company said that the spirit and responsibility of BVU students at Daiwa are very good. The training major varies at Ba Ria-Vung Tau University along with the development potential is the opportunity for student internship in Japan as well as developing human resources for the company is very huge.

In order to achieve the successful cooperation program is the great enthusiasm of the lectuers and leaders of School of Tourism-Nursing and the support of staff from Center of Start-up and Career.

Dr. Phung Duc Vinh - Head School of Tourism-Nursing said that although university has cooperated with many domestic and foreign enterprises, BVU was very impressed with Daiwa Resort because our students have opportunity to work and approach the professional environment in Japan and especially receiving a very warm welcome from Daiwa Resort. The cooperation between Daiwa and BVU creates an initial premise for students to internship to promote good professionalism have the opportunity to access the World Tourism industry.

Le Anh Thu - Student of School of Tourism-Nursing –students who have just returned from an internship shared that, having spent 6 months of internship in Japan, I feel I have experienced many things, tried to learn more to not be passive at work. In addition, the company holidays also create conditions to visit and experience life in this beautiful country. With the experience of being a first person, she would like to give a message to BVU students in the next internship program that should pay attention to words and manners to be more beautiful in the eyes of everyone, but always have to stay healthy Besides that, trying to learn Japanese well can support job easier.

At the end of the program, Prof. Dr Nguyen Loc – president of BVU with 3 students who are representatives of the students' union finished the internship come on stage to give gifts and fresh flowers to Daiwa Resort and Lam Ha Company.

After the program, Daiwa Resort continued to recruitment interview for official staff working 3-5 years in Japan with 3 students and alumni who have just returned from the last internship and interview 35 students who are nominated for the next internship in April 2020.

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