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Chương trình tình nguyện và giao lưu văn hóa với Trường Đại học Dongshin (Hàn Quốc)

Từ ngày 07/01/2020 đến ngày 10/01/2020, Trường Đại học Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu sẽ tổ chức Chương trình tình nguyện và giao lưu Văn hóa với sinh viên trường Đại học Dongshin Hàn Quốc. Tiếp nối thành công của các chương trình vào năm 2016, 2018 và 2019, đây là lần thứ tư hoạt động nhân văn và mang nhiều ý nghĩa tốt đẹp này được tổ chức. Chương trình giao lưu này là minh chứng cho mối quan hệ tốt đẹp, bền vững giữa hai Trường Đại học Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu và Đại học Dongshin trong nhiều năm qua.

Chương trình liên kết đào tạo, trao đổi - Giao lưu sinh viên & thực tập sinh quốc tế

Chương trình tình nguyện và giao lưu văn hóa với Trường Đại học Dongshin (Hàn Quốc)

Từ ngày 07/01/2020 đến ngày 10/01/2020, Trường Đại học Bà Rịa Vũng Tàu sẽ tổ chức Chương trình tình nguyện và giao lưu Văn hóa với sinh viên trường Đại học Dongshin Hàn Quốc.

The ASEAN-Canada Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED)

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Ngày đăng: 28/12/2018


What is SEED?

-SEED provides college, undergraduate and graduate students from all ten ASEAN member states with the opportunity to apply for short-term studies or research in Canada in a field that is aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and contributes to ASEAN's efforts to narrow the development gap and reduce poverty in the region.

-Examples of eligible fields of study include climate-smart agriculture, renewable energy, public financial management, sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls.

-The goal of SEED is to equip students and mid-career professionals, particularly women, with critical knowledge and skills that will enable them to contribute to poverty reduction efforts in the ASEAN region.

How SEED works:

-Southeast Asian students will continue to pay tuition in their home academic institutions and return there to complete their studies, and receive course credit for relevant studies undertaken in Canada.

-For college and undergraduate students, scholarships will only be offered to students attending Southeast Asian institutions with established formal partnerships with Canadian academic institutions. For graduate students, an inter-institutional agreement is desirable but not mandatory.

-If you do not already have a formal partnership with a Canadian institution, we would be happy to share with you an example of a Memorandum of Understanding between Canadian and foreign institutions.

-We would invite you to consider reaching out to Canadian institutions that you already have relationships with, or those that may be new to you, to explore or confirm institutional collaborations and student exchange agreements.

The benefits for SEA institutions and students:

-By signing an MOU with Canadian institutions, your students will gain access to state-of-the-art research facilities. Canadian institutions are internationally renowned centres of innovation, research and development. They are also valued as a global leader in skills development and other advanced skills for employment.

-We believe that students will return invigorated with new knowledge and networks and will enrich their student body as they return to complete their studies.

-At the same time, partnerships with Canadian institutions will open the door for the faculty and researchers in your institutions to explore joint academic and research opportunities that are of mutual interest and benefit.

-Such opportunities create an exchange of experience and expertise that will enrich both institutions. We hope these partnerships will strengthen collaboration and ties with Canadian institutions that could potentially stretch far beyond any specific scholarship program 

How to find information about Canadian institutions:

-To find a complete listing of institutions in Canada that your institution may wish to connect with, you may consider a Canadian academic industry association such as the Canadian Consortium for International Education or consult with the designated Canadian institutions list maintained by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

-Please tell us which fields of study are of greatest interest for your institution, and would stand to benefit the most from an international exchange program such as SEED. If there are specific fields or programs  that you have in mind, we can perhaps recommend Canadian institutions that have strong programs in those fields that you can connect with.

For institutions that have signed University Mobility in the Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) MOUs:

-All UMAP member institutions that have signed the multilateral UMAP MOU or Pledge of Agreement do not have to sign a separate MOU for SEED. The UMAP MOU can be used to apply to one of the three Canadian institutions that are members of UMAP: Brock University, Coast Mountain College, and Okanagan College).

-We would be more than happy to help you make these linkages with Canadian institutions, or help in any way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Postcard, view here

List of Institutions that have signed the UMAP multilateral MOU, view here



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