Thông điệp của hiệu trưởng

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Ngày đăng: 09/12/2019

Thông điệp của hiệu trưởng

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Loc, born in 1953, graduated in High Pressure Mechanical Engineering at the National Research University of Science and Technology, Moscow (Russia), received a Ph.D. in Theory and History of Education in 1988 at the Russian Academy of Education in Russia. He was awarded the titles "Professor" in 2010.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen Loc has more than 40 years of experience in education and training, having held many positions in teaching, research to educational management in public as well as private education in Vietnam and other countries.

Message from the President

These efforts of the university have been recognized by the 3rd-class Labor Medal awarded by the President of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. On that momentum, in July 2016, BVU was pleased and proud to become a member of Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) – the first private education system from kindergarten to doctoral level with branches located all over the nation. With the philosophy of liberal and humane education, the university is committed to delivering applied-oriented and innovative training programs. In recent years, given the great supports from local governments and NHG's investment, we have made important breakthroughs in the improvement of infrastructure, facilities, advanced training programs, training methods, teachers' capacities, consultancy and students services. With such determination and magnificent changes, we are confident in bringing the core and most important values to students during and after their studying. Knowledge: In addition to professional expertise, BVU's students also have access to up-to-date knowledge in world-class training programs. In order to fulfill this commitment, BVU has signed cooperation agreements on joint-programs with many leading universities in the US, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, etc. We have also consulted business owners in order to build up training programs to meet their employment requirements. Skills: BVU's students are equippedwith necessary soft skills for their personal life and future employment, such as communication - presentation skills, teamwork, creative thinking and entrepreneurship, etc. We also guarantee graduates to meet the minimum IELTS 4.5 and MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) requirements. To achieve this, we have integrated soft skills, creative thinking and entrepreneurship courses in the first semester of training programs, as well as training courses in computer skills and English language to meet these requirements. Learning environment: BVU's students are learning in a modernenvironment respecting and promoting the spirit of creative freedom. Also, students will enjoyfresh air and a number of interesting outdoor activities in this beautiful coastal city. In addition, the university is well-equipped with projectors, TVs, computers in the classrooms, as well as invested in highly-configuration computer laboratories, scienctific experiments labs, traditional library and digital library, free wifi network and and dormitories. Student services: BVU's studentsare well-cared, consulted, assisted in document procedures, granted financial supports and scholarships, and have opportunities to participate in a variety of hobby groups (guitar, MC, football), academic clubs(English language, Koreanlanguage, IT) and other interesting outdoor activities. Career opportunities: BVU's students are offeredcareers and employment services after graduation. For unemployed graduates, we will continue assisting them in professional knowledge, soft skills, and language and computer skills to enhance their employability. Come to BVU and you can Cultivate your Dream and Creativity on the way of learning and starting your career!