P2A Journey On-Campus @ BINUS University, Jakarta

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Ngày đăng: 12/10/2019

BINUS University would like to invite P2A students to our upcoming "P2A Journey On-Campus @BINUS University 2019" from 25-29 November 2019 @ BINUS University, Jakarta, Indonesia.  
The program is developed to promote principles of understanding, respect, and friendship, to nurture peace and harmony in the ASEAN region. As a supportive and proud member of P2A, it is our great pleasure to offer 20 scholarships for students from P2A member universities. The scholarship covers program fee, accommodation, airport transfer, local transportation, and meals (3 times per 24-hour cycle).
Important Information
For registration, submit P2A Questions and Video Submission to  david@p2a.asiaarlin.pusparini@binus.edu
Registration Date Now – 25 October 2019
  • Active undergraduate student of P2A member universities. 
  • Highly motivated and assertive
  • Open-minded and open to new challenges
P2A Questions Submission Interested students are required to submit 3 questions about Indonesia upon registration
P2A Before Video Submission Interested students are required to submit a 2-minute video about their perceptions of Indonesia in the following topics: Lifestyle, Food and beverages, Customs, Infrastructure, and Transportation. Students may choose one or more topics to cover.
Program Dates 25-29 November 2019
Scholarships Result Announcement 31 October 2019
Scholarship Coverage Program fee, accommodation, airport transfers, local transportation, and meals

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Phòng Khoa học công nghệ-Hợp tác quốc tế

SĐT: 0254 730 5456 (3031)  Email: vanntc@bvu.edu.vn (Ms.Vân)

Detailed program: