Vietnamese teachers' day: The "heart of gold" which inspired of human spirit

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Ngày đăng: 30/11/2017


In honor of the Vietnamese Teachers' Day 2017, a day to honor teachers, lectures and caregivers of the NHG education system, in the morning of November 17, 2017, Nguyen Hoang Group (NHG) held the award ceremony "NHG's Teacher Award" 2017.  On this occasion, the Group's board of leaders had honored 35 teachers and caregivers selected from 1,030 teachers - those who are directly in the class - nominated by the representatives of the whole team. Together, they created the NHG's philosophy of education.

The students of UKA Binh Thanh Campus presented the art performance "Pollen dust" to show gratitude to teachers


These are direct teachers who have worked at the NHG for over 1 year, have good pedagogic ability, have many initiatives and contributions to NHG's educational activities, are appreciated by their colleagues and students. Their performance's KPIs > 100 for over the past year.

In honor of the ceremony, the badge was awarded with a fine 18K gold heart and a candle, recognizing the "golden heart" of the teacher and "inspiring fire" of the teaching, and the back of the badge was name of the teacher.

Dr. Dinh Quang Nuong rewarded 1st prize for Ms. Ngo Thi Viet Tam, teacher of SNA


At the ceremony, on behalf of the NHG's Board of Directors,  Mr. Dinh Quang Nuong - Deputy General Director praised the contribution of teachers to the education of the Group in the past. "We have made great efforts to work together to build the philosophy of humanitarian education that the Group chooses. We are happy with our role and mission, "he said.

NHG's Board of Director and contestants of speaking contest took picture at the ceremony


Also in this morning's ceremony, of the 35 teachers voted for by the Foundation, 28 were sent to the Group to participate in the competition to share feelings, experiences and pedagogical contributions. The 7 lectures's speeches were very impressive, the content was rich, experienced, pedagogical methods and practical emotion of teachers for pupils and students in the whole group's system.

Dr. Doan Hue Dung - Managing Director of SNA presented the 18k gold heart badge to the teachers honored to receive the "NHG's Teacher Award 2017"


The organizers selected outstanding lectures to award first, second and third prizes to the winning teachers. Accordingly, the Prize was awarded to Ms. Ngo Thi Viet Tam, International Schools of North America with the theme "Emotions with special children - Access and Empathy"; The second prize was given to Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hue, iSchool Soc Trang with the theme "Passion Flame"; third prizes were awarded to Ms. Le Thi Hieu Thao - Ba Ria - Vung Tau University, Mr. Ngo Ly Tan Thuy - UK Academy Ba Ria and Ms. Phan Thi Thanh Lan - SGA's Nguyen Thai Binh campus.

NHG's Board of Directors and all the teachers at the ceremony