Ba Ria – Vung Tau University welcome French students do scientific research

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Ngày đăng: 12/06/2018

Last week, Ba Ria - Vung Tau University (BVU) welcomed four French students do scientific research with the guidance of Dr. Le Ngoc Tran and colleagues at the School of Maritime Economics and Technology. They are Lohezic Florien, Marest Sylvain, Truong Quang Dung (University of Brest) and Le Roy Gregory from Croix Rouge College.

Attending the internship program, Lohezic Florien (Brest City University) shared, "This is the third time I have come to Vietnam, two times before I just traveled, explore the learning environment in Vietnam. So that this time I chose BR-VT University for research and study. My research topic is to develop water quality monitoring system for aquaculture in Cha Va river. It measures the parameters of the water environment such as salinity, chlorine concentration, oxygen concentration, sea water temperature ... If these indicators rise over or fall below the threshold, it will report directly to the phone of the local people. I hope the succession of this project can help and support  local aquaculture farmers. This project costs about $ 3,500, with full support from the University of Brest. I look forward to receiving the guidance of BVU lecturers so that the internship program will have the best result.

Leroy Gregory, form Croix Rouge College, do research "Manufacturing 8 models of electronic education with Micro Processor PIC 18F4520shared "This is my first time studying abroad and in a country much far from France. Although there are many new things, this is a good opportunity for me to experience and independently study abroad. As I know, the learning environment at Ba Ria – Vung Tau University is quite good, everyone is very friendly. Teachers and friends at university are always enthusiastic to support and help me in my studies as well as in my daily life.

Leroy Gregory is at campus 3

Marest Sylvain, University of Brest said "My research time at Ba Ria - Vung Tau University is 11 weeks, and I think it is enough time for me to do and complete my research at BVU. I hope that through this internship program, with the help of BVU lecturers, my project will soon be completed and put into practice.

Ba Ria - Vung Tau always welcomes and creates the best opportunity for international students to study and research.

In addition to studying time, foreign students will have time to study and experience the life of international students in the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau with BVU students.

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