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P2A Summer Program Scholarship: "P2A Indonesian Coffee Story”

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Ngày đăng: 29/05/2018

P2A Summer Program Scholarship: "P2A Indonesian Coffee Story"

Warmest greetings from Universitas Islam Indonesia Yogyakarta & Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatra Utara.
We are very pleased to invite your student to Passage to ASEAN Summer Program Scholarship: "P2A Indonesian Coffee Story: Exploring the Diversity of Indonesian Coffee from Gayo-Aceh to Merapi-Yogyakarta" from 10-21 September 2018. With following highlights;

- Indoor and outdoor lectures on current practice of coffee plantation and coffee shop business in Aceh, Medan, and Yogyakarta

- 3 credits and certificate from host universities

- Local touch and living with the local coffee farmers during site visit and live-in activities

Full scholarships are awarded to twenty (20) participants from any countries (only for Non-Indonesian) by sending motivation letter and video profile application to the committee at and filling online international@uii.ac.id application at bit.ly/indocoffeestory

Fees for non-scholarship participants is only USD 300

For more information please contact:
Email : herman.felani@uii.ac.id
(cc to: international@uii.ac.id , kui@umsu.ac.id)
LINE : HermanFelaniTandjung
Whatsapp : +62-852-150-499-75 (Mr. Herman)
+62 812-9505-3647 (Mr. Adam)
Facebook : Herman Felani Tandjung

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