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AIPA General Assembly Model - BINUS University

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Ngày đăng: 29/05/2018

Greetings from BINUS University!
We are very excited to launch our newest short program – AIPA General Assembly Model will be held on August 5-10. This is our collaboration with AIPA – ASEAN Inter-parliamentary Association (please visit their website: http://www.aipasecretariat.org/) and Passage to ASEAN (P2A) Network.

General Assembly Model is related to the global issue discussed in a parliamentary setting. There will be 3 topics discussed, which are

1. Establishing ASEAN Parliament
2. Negative Effect of Travel and Tourism; and
3. Entrepreneurship in ASEAN

The topics will be relevant for programs related to International Relations, Business, Tourism, Law and most other social and politics related program, however the participation of students from other programs/department is highly encouraged.

We are inviting your students to participate in this 1st AIPA General Assembly Model and the great news: There are 30 scholarships available for students from ASEAN for this program.

Mọ​i thắ​c mắ​c vui lò​ng liê​n hệ:

Phò​ng Khoa họ​c cô​ng nghệ​ - Hợp​ tá​c quố​c tế

SĐT: 0254 7305456 - 3031



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