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Ngày đăng: 16/05/2018

This is to officially invite everyone to our First P2A Journey On Campus entitled, "Unbox: Learn, Explore, Share," on December 17-21, 2018, at the Adventist University of the Philippines Campus, Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite, Philippines. In this program, we feature activities that will enhance the knowledge and experience of students in the areas of culture, technology, nature, and social responsibility.



Our university is composed of students representing 52 countries which will give the opportunity for the P2A Buddies to learn and explore the culture not only of the ASEAN community but of the world; and share their own culture as well.


Skills in the use of Microsoft Office Applications is essential in this technological era. Hence, we have partnered with Certiport which allows us to offer Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications in Word, Excel, PowperPoint, and Access. To earn a certificate, the student will have to take and pass a 60-minute examination. We will be giving time for the students to practice their skills for the exam to help them in earning their MOS Certificate.


The Philippines has been known for its beautiful natural sceneries of mountains, lakes, volcanoes, and beaches. Nature has so much lessons to impart to us, thus, we will learn and explore its importance not only for its aesthetics but for what it truly serves us.

Social Responsibility

Understanding that we have great responsibility to our society creates an attitude that will prioritize caring for people and not for profit. To create this impact to the P2A Buddies, we will be conducting gift-giving activities which will excite their sense of sharing and teach them certain Filipino Holiday Traditions.

Registration fee for this program is $160 for every student, which will cover all land arrangements such as food, accommodation, land transportation, MOS license, and tour itinerary as presented on the attached programme of activities for five days and four nights.

For more details, inquiries and registration please contact:
Mr. Ron Ivan S. Perdido
Email | risperdido@aup.edu.ph
Mobile | +63-977-840-1392
FB Messenger/Skype | @Ron Ivan Perdido

Deadline of reservation: 31 July 2018

Deadline of payment: 31 October 2018

Official invitation letter, view here

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